CroqueBowl Scramble 2018

May 12th was quite a day with sunshine, gentle breezes, green grass, laughter, delights, challenges, and new friends at our club.  Yes, the CROQUEBOWL SCRAMBLE was underway.

After short coaching sessions for both games, the play began.  8 teams, each with 1 bowler and 1 croquet player, matched off against each other.
They played 2 games of bowls and 2 games of croquet.  Challenges arose as each player confronted a game they may not have played before.

All smiles – happy with their bowling

Throughout the day there were many moments of, ”Yes, I get it!” and “This is harder than it looks!”

In true VLBC spirit, players coached, encouraged, and celebrated each other’s participation.  In the end, the winning combination of Jo Ann Allan and Angie Bertsch walked away with the blue ribbons.

The winners – a great combo – an experienced bowler and a novice croqueter – Angela Bertsch and Jo Ann Allan

Submitted by Donna del Torre

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