Open House 2018

Greeters welcomed between 55 and 60 visitors to Open House on the April 7- 8 week-end.

The relaxed ambience created by our Club mascot stretched out among the bowls eased any jitters visitors may have had about trying a new sport.

Guests were directed to the upper or lower greens to try out the sport of their choice: lawn bowling, croquet or both. Volunteers coached groups of two to four through the rudimentary steps of each game.

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Play was followed by an offer of refreshments and socializing inside the club house. Many attendees signed up for a series of lessons offered in both lawn bowling and croquet during the month of April.

Photos courtesy of Nigel Pieloth

Thank you volunteers (greeters, coaches, kitchen, bakers, information/sign up table, greens setup, photographer) for helping to make this a fun and successful event. We look forward to seeing many new faces at our Opening Day celebration on April 28th.