Weekly Draws

Daily Draws

Monday – Saturday – Tags in by 1:00pm
Games start at 1:15

Sunday – tags in by 1:15
Games start at 1:30

  Check the Calendar or the Club House bulletin board for changes, special bowling games, and events.

Open Croquet will be played on most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club, weather permitting, on the green not being used for lawn bowling or special events.
Times will vary. Please check calendar for the day you intend to play.

During Tea Days and certain other ceremonial events, as a celebration of our game’s rich history and traditions, it is preferred that white clothing is worn.

!! NEW !!

July 25 Daily Draw will morph into the first fun night
A 2nd Fun Draw will be on August 29 and the 3rd and final one will be September 19
And…… to finish the season, we will have a Wrap Up Fun Day on September 29 – more particulars to follow.