Croquet Tournaments

Victoria Day Association Tournament
May 19 – 21, 2018

This weekend the croquet lawn of the VLBC will be dedicated to the Victoria Day Association Croquet Tournament.  Players from around BC will be challenging each other’s skills and practicing their own, from 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening on Saturday and Sunday, and until mid-afternoon on Monday.  Come and see the fine level of play from your fellow Islanders and their visitors.

The Tournament Barbecue will be held Saturday evening, with food served at about 7:00pm.  Everyone is welcome to join the tournament competitors for a $10 donation.  Peter Gilchrist will display his skill with the grill, and Donna del Torre will supplement with other edibles.  This is a celebration of Great Croquet in Victoria, so come and join in!  Bowlers are very welcome, too, of course — we’re all in this together!

 One reason croquet has been a successful new addition to the VLBC program is that several people have volunteered to make it all work.  Making this tournament work is no exception, and Donna could use a few more hands to help make food available during the tournament days for the competitors, and to clean up afterwards.  If you’re willing to do a little slicing, toting, or washing, give Donna a shout and she’ll put the time you can afford to excellent use.  And thank you!

Canadian National Association Croquet championships, the CroqCan AC,
will be hosted by the two croquet clubs in Victoria, BC, August 9-12.  We have three lawns and may expand if demand is great enough.  Details will follow as soon as they’re worked out, but for now we can tell you this:

  •    We’ll have a second flight if warranted.
  •    We’ll keep costs as low as we can (the previous CroqCan in Victoria was held at a venue that was very expensive, so entry prices were higher than desirable).
  •   The three primary courts are in downtown Victoria, in easy walking distance to good accommodations, dining, and entertainment, if you have enough energy . . .
  •   Average August temperatures in Victoria are in the mid-20s C during the day (mid-70s F), and the chance of significant rain is low.



CroqueBowl 10:00am Saturday May 12th Croquet/Bowls pairs
Victoria Day
8:00am Sat May 19thMon May 21st Advanced Croquet Singles
Crow-K Shootout
8:00am Fri July 6thSun July 8th Advanced Croquet Singles
CroqCan AC 2018
(Canadian Nat’l Championships)
8:00am Thurs Aug 9thSun Aug 12th Advanced Croquet Singles
additional in-club tournaments to be scheduled
Tournament Winners 2017