Croquet Tournaments

Croquet Novice Tournament 2017

On Saturday August 26, the first Croquet Novice Tournament was held with 5 participants. They each played 4 games and the winner of the tournament was Brenda Hicks winning all 4 of her games. Congratulations Brenda!

L-R – Kathy Moi, Jo Ann Allan(the cheerleading section), Bonnie Vivier,  Bruce St. Germain, Pierre Dunn (tournament organizer), Brenda Hicks, and Helen Allan

No marital one- upmanship allowed here!
Ken Hicks – winner of the Men’s Novice Lawn Bowling Championship and wife Brenda Hicks -winner of the first ever Croquet Tournament. Congratulations to you both!!



The Victoria Day Association Croquet Tournament went quite well this weekend, with 10 excellent players from around the Northwest vying for top honors.  The championship went to Steve Scalpone of Portland, Oregon, who won a very tight final with Victoria’s Michael Dowling by coming from behind to finish 22-21 in his last turn.
Steve Scalpone (l) being awarded Hal Sisson trophy by Pierre Dunn (TD), with Michael Dowling, 2nd Place.    — Photo Carl Uhlman


The event had a significant effect on Canadian rankings.  Graham Garlick had not played enough games in the twelve months before the tournament to be listed in the rankings, but is now listed at #3 in Canada.  Victoria’s Chris Percival-Smith, unable to play in the event, remains at #5.  Brian Wasylyk of Campbell River moved up to #9 while Pierre dropped out of the top ten to #11.  Michael Dowling moved up to #13 in Canada with results that brought his DGrade to 1606, breaking the 1600 barrier for the first time.  Congratulations to all.


July 15-16 – High Bisquers Handicap Association
Croquet Tournament

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September 17 – CPLBC Singles Golf Championship