Looking for a new sport? An activity that takes you outside, stimulates your mind and provides some exercise?

Is friendly yet competitive?

Croquet is a game that is relatively easy to understand and fun to play. Not quite the same as the game you may have played in the backyard; a little more tricky to play but a game you’ll enjoy learning.

Discover all the fun that can be had on the lawns in this fascinating open air game of skill and tactics.

For more information about lessons, or to register, contact
Pierre Dunn

Friendly video on how to play (Australian Club)

One on One friendly coaching video from Napa Valley – makes it look like fun – CBS news report

World Team Championships 2016 random shots (awesome)

At the Victoria Lawn Bowling Club:
On May 25 the upper court will be set up for open play at 10am.  The first session of the Thursday croquet class will start at 2pm.  Those who haven’t yet had a class are welcome to attend.  If you’ve had classes in another series but have missed a class or two, this is an opportunity to make it up.  We’ll try to keep the class on one court so the other is available for open play all day long.
Saturday May 27
Due to a bowling tournament OPEN PLAY ON SATURDAY IS CANCELLED. The Saturday evening class will be held as usual at 6:30pm.

 Note:  Any day other than Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday that the croquet lawn is not being used for other purposes, members may come in and set up a court for croquet.  On even-numbered days, croquet uses the lower lawn; on odd-numbered days, croquet uses the upper lawn.  If you have any questions about court set-up, please contact one of the experienced players to get assistance.

 Also, please note that for croquet play, you can come at any time during the open play period.  Games start when there’s room on the court and players available.  Call other players on the contact list to make sure an opponent will be there!

 I’ve been very happy to see several players out for games during Open Play periods at VLBC.  The improving weather has helped, I’m sure.
The next step in developing VLBC’s croquet option will involve an active effort by all VLBC players to  discuss how they want their croquet program to move forward.  You players are the ones who know when you want to play, and whether you’d like to consider social elements or tournaments to your calendar.  The experienced players are ready to help you organize your program and get it off the ground, but to keep it airborne it will have to meet your needs and interests.  So start talking with each other about what you’d like, and use the contact list to share your ideas and suggestions.  In the meantime, the old hands will keep doing the best we can to open up the options for you.
Regards to all!