Women’s League Finale

Thanks to the hard work and organizational skills of new member Anne Novak, the participants in the VLBC Wednesday Women’s League were treated to a wonderful wind-up party. Anne not only planned a fun bowling match but also prepared a sumptuous lunch and invited a surprise guest, Anne Tolmie. Anne Tolmie is the granddaughter of Alexander Fraser Tolmie and Mrs. Tolmie for whom the women’s league trophy was named. Read about the Tolmie trophy here.

Three rinks competed in a ten-end game of Scotch Pairs with the winners after each 2 ends moving on to the next rink. Game winners Libby Weiser and Kim Tadei were presented with $5 coffee gift cards.

After bowling, players enjoyed a delicious lunch of salads, cold meats, buns and condiments followed by mouth-watering home-baked apple crumble with whipped cream.



Guest Anne Tolmie was invited to provide some historical background before presenting the Tolmie trophy to this year’s winners Norma Alison and Barb Marriott (see more details on Games winners here).

Ms. Tolmie spoke about her family’s involvement in the establishment of Victoria (evidenced by Tolmie Street and Mt. Tolmie). See more history on the women’s league (1928-1951) here.