Bench Painting Project

The Victoria Lawn Bowling Club has approximately 55 benches that circle its two greens. The paint on many of them is peeling and chalky. In the past few weeks, an ambitious team made up of new members Libby, Caroline, Anne, Barb, Marg and Julian assisted by Kirby and Peter have worked in the summer heat on Sunday and Tuesday mornings, not just giving the benches a touch up but a major overhaul: power washing, scraping, sanding, undercoating and applying two coats of oil-based paint. Eleven benches now look like new and should last for several years.

Thank you everyone for working so hard.

There are still 44+ benches that could use some attention, some more than others. If any other club members are willing to volunteer time and energy to continue with the job, please contact President Peter Gilchrist CONTACT  about supplies and equipment.